Right Livelihood
Written by Michael LeFevre
Sunday, 15 May 2011 06:22

Many people are searching for meaning in their lives and their work.  They know that even though they are good at their job, it doesn't fulfill them in the way that it used to, or maybe it never did.  Maybe you are just doing this for the money, and really wish that you could follow your dreams.  Likely you feel stuck in your life, and you don't know what to do about it.

You are searching for your right livelihood: finding a career where what you do for work matches who you are as a person.

What does the consultation involve? I have helped a number of people find their right livelihood, and have developed a consultation that takes place over four weeks.

Week One

The first step is to meet in person (or via Skype if you are out of the area) for 50 minutes.  During this meeting, I will talk to you about your career history: what jobs have you enjoyed, and why?  What have you hated, and why?  We will also talk about what you are doing for work now, and try and understand where this current job fits in with the pattern of your working life.  We will build a picture together about who you are, and what in your work brings you passion and excitement.

At the end of this session, we will have an accurate sense of where you have been, and where you are right now.

Week Two

In week two, we will again meet in person, and will start to build a sense of where you want to go.  Together, we will look at where you have been and where you are now so that we can build some criteria for your right livelihood.  We will NOT determine what jobs you will apply for in this session.  Rather, we will develop a list of criteria that you will use to brainstorm possible careers with everyone in your life.  For instance, you may decide that you want a job that allows you to work with people for the majority of the day, and one that gives you the flexibility to set your own hours.

Week Three

Weeks three and four involve taking this list of criteria and talking to everyone you know about it.  Share the list with them, then ask for their feedback.  Does this list match what they know about you?  Do they know someone in a field that seems to match the list?  You are going to gather as much feedback as you can from as many people as possible.

In week three, we will have a 30 minute phone call to touch base on your status.  This will allow you to check in, get feedback and encouragement from me, then focus your list for the last week.

Week Four

In week four, we will meet again in person for a final 50 minute session.  We will take all the feedback you have been given and develop a plan of action.  This may involve big steps like applying for jobs, or it may simply include talking to someone in a field you are interested in to find out more about that career path.  This plan will be unique to you and your path towards right livelihood.

Most people find that this four week process gives them the motivation and the plan to pursue their dreams and find their right livelihood.  They leave this process knowing more about themselves than ever before, and they feel inspired to align their work with their personal values.

Are you ready to discover your Right Livelihood?  Contact Me today for a free 30 minute consultation.  For those of you who are not in the area, I can also do a right livelihood consultation via Skype.

Right Livelihood Group Workshop

Similar to the individual consultation described above, a group of three to six people come together to help each other find Right Livelihood.  I will facilitate and guide the process, but the magic happens in the interactions between and among the group members.

The same general format of the 4 weeks is followed with the group workshop, except that each group is 90 minutes long, and all group sessions are in person.

How much does the Right Livelihood consultation cost?

Please see my Rates and Insurance page for information about costs.