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This group is not for your typical please don't send it to any.
Written by Michael LeFevre
Saturday, 05 January 2013 08:49

A typical dad keeps everything inside and doesn't believe he needs help with the emotional impact of fatherhood.

He doesn't believe in therapy, and wouldn't be caught dead in a therapy group.

If you forwarded this email to the typical dad, he would tell you he would "think about it" and then never call.

So please, do us all a favor and don't send this link to any typical dads.  This group isn't for them, and it would just be a waste of everyone's time.

If, however, you know any dad's that are yearning for community with other fathers, but just don't know how to find it...

If you know someone who is struggling to find a balance between being a great dad with being a great provider for his family...

If you know a dad who is striving to be a better father and a better person, who is looking for other dads who share the same values, and who is willing to go that extra mile for his family...

Well, you know what to do.

Welcome to HeartMind Counseling
Written by Michael Lefevre
Friday, 20 May 2011 16:35

Thank you for visiting my website.  On this page, you will find information about upcoming events, including free workshops and lectures by Michael LeFevre, MA, and other professionals in the Boulder County area.

Please check back often for the latest information.